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The research of Nanotechnology in Wang Lab is to use functionalized nanomaterials for drug delivery and tissue engineering. As PI or co-Investigator on several projects, Dr. Wang explored the applications of surface-modified liposomes for targeted drug delivery. He demonstrated that anti-cardiac troponin I antibody modified liposomes significantly increased the targeting efficiency of oligonucleotides to ischemic myocardium tissues [1], and tamoxifen modified lipid bilayer can improve pharmacokinetics profile of liposomal daunorubicin with enhanced therapy for breast cancer [2]. He also indicated that P-aminophenyl-α-D-mannopyranoside conjugated liposomes is a promising brain drug delivery system, which was able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier to improve brain delivery and targeting intracerebral regions, especially in cerebellum and cerebral cortex [3]. In tissue engineering project, Dr. Wang demonstrated the feasibility to use nanofibrous mats for dermal tissue regeneration [4, 5].


In vivo images of time-dependent whole brain and body imaging of mice after intravenous injection of surface modified liposomes [3].

In vivo images of time-dependent whole brain and body imaging of mice after intravenous injection of surface modified liposomes [3].

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4) Xin S, Li X, Wang Q, Huang R, Xu X, Lei Z, Deng H. Novel layer-by-layer structured nanofibrous mats coated by protein films for dermal regeneration. Journal of biomedical nanotechnology. 2014; 10(5):803-10. PMID: 24734533
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