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Wang Lab got support from Exploratory Research Project Grant!

Wang Lab got support from College of Engineering Exploratory Research Project (ERP)! The goal of this grant program is to make resources available to initiate the development of high-risk, high-impact, novel ideas for new research projects. The goal of this COE ERP is to enable the development of precisely medical solutions to improve gastrointestinal (GI) health. Congratulations!

Martin and Seth presented at 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting!

Undergraduate researchers from Wang Lab, Martin Asama and Seth Baetzold, presented their research results in 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting at San Francisco. Martin’s research topic is “Foaming Agents for Drug Delivery to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease”. Seth’s research topic is “PLGA Encapsulations of Apocynin for Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease”. Congratulations!

Branden, Matthew, Justin, and Blaine, welcome!

Chemical Engineering students, Branden Moreau, Matthew SchaschwaryJustin White, and Blaine Bristow joined Wang Lab as  researcher to work on drug delivery, nanoparticles and stem cells projects. Welcome on board, gentlemen!

Dr. Wang chaired and presented at ChinaNanomedicine 2016, Wuhan

Dr. Wang was invited to deliver an Invited Lecture at ChinaNanomedicine 2016, the 2nd International Conference on Nanomedicine of China on October 18-21, 2016, Wuhan, China. The topic is “Ex vivo Study of Nanomaterials in Miniguts”. He also chaired the “Nanotoxicology and Nano-safety” session. The ChinaNanomedicine conferences in series provide an insightful and multi-disciplinary platform for discussions on novel functional nanomaterials with innovative capabilities for cutting-edge nanomedicine studies and applications, and their numerous challenges in clinical translation.

Dr. Wang served as session chair in BMES 2016

Dr. Wang served as a platform session chair for this year’s BMES Annual Meeting on October 5-8, 2016 in Minneapolis. The platform session, “Biomaterials for Immunoengineering I,” is a forum to cover most recent advancements in Immunoengineering based on Biomaterials, from fundamental sciences to practical applications.

Fei and Mary, welcome!

CBE undergraduate students, Fei Chen and Mary Ommaid will join Wang Lab as  researcher to work on drug delivery and stem cells projects. Welcome!

Smart Materials for Tissue Engineering : Fundamental Principles published!

The book, “Smart Materials for Tissue Engineering : Fundamental Principles“, edited by Dr. Wang has been published by Royal Society of Chemistry. The goal of this book is to document the recent advances of the fundamental principles for smart materials in tissue engineering. As an emerging area in materials science, smart materials have achieved tremendous developments in recent years. However, there is no book to summarize the research of smart materials in tissue engineering. This book will fill this gap and try to introduce the new tissue engineering smart materials to a wide range of audiences, from the scientific communities to industrial organisations. Congratulations!

Fundamental Principles