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Seminar at Nanovaccines Institute Thursday, Oct. 28th!

Dr. Wang will give a talk at Nanovaccines Institute on 4:00 PM Thurs., Oct. 28th, about “Organoid as a New Platform to Develop Oral Vaccines and Nanomedicines.”

Please Join us Thurs., Oct. 28th for our @nanovax Seminar Series!

This live, virtual seminar will feature Dr. Qun Wang with @iastate @ISU_CBE

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New paper in Chemical Society Reviews

Our recent manuscript, “Soft Materials as Biological and Artificial Membranes”, is published on Chemical Society Reviews. The past few decades have seen emerging growth in the field of soft materials for synthetic biology. This review focuses on soft materials involved in biological and artificial membranes. The membranes discussed here are those involved in the structure and function of cells and organelles. The illustration is a conceptual scheme of artificial membranes synthesized by human-made hydrophilic and hydrophobic soft materials. Congratulations to the team!

Welcome back, Dr. Davoudi!

Dr. Zahra Davoudi revisited Ames for the graduation ceremony. She got her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University in 2020. She works as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research of the National Cancer Institute (NIH). She is working on cancer organoids project for cancer diagnosis and treatments. Welcome back!