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Elected as Officers of Society For Biomaterials

Dr. Wang has been elected as a member of the Publications Committee for Society For Biomaterials. This appointment is a four-year term that begins in May 2021 and ends in April 2025. Also, Dr. Wang will work as the Secretary and Treasurer for the Tissue Engineering Special Interest Group (SIG). Congratulations!

Georgia, welcome!

CBE undergraduate students, Georgia Wimmer will join Wang Lab as a summer researcher to work on the Organoids projects. Welcome!

Presentation at NIDA Genetic Consortium

Dr. Wang will give a presentation at the NIDA Genetic Consortium Meetings, March 8th to 10th. The topic is to use “Organoids as New Platform to Study Substance Use Disorders”. The mission is to promote NIDA’s genetic and epigenetic research relevant to substance use disorders and addictive behaviors. You can join me through the

Presentation at TMSCA at UC Berkeley

Dr. Wang gave a presentation about tissue engineering and regenerative medicine using organoids at Translational Medicine and Stem Cell Association (TMSCA) at UC Berkeley. The most recent research progress on biomaterials mediated organoids and stem cell reprogramming and organoids and cell-mediated drug delivery has been discussed. Stem cell research at UC Berkeley is organized and coordinated by the Berkeley Stem Cell Center, a cornerstone of the University’s Health Sciences Initiative.

Most Cited Paper

Our drug delivery paper, “Folate Receptor-Targeted and
GSH-Responsive Carboxymethyl Chitosan Nanoparticles Containing
Covalently Entrapped 6-Mercaptopurine for Enhanced Intracellular Drug
Delivery in Leukemia
“, is among the Top 25 Most Cited Papers of Marine
, since 2018. Congratulations!