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Paule and Alex joined BIND lab!

Chemical Engineering students Paule Pochangou and Alex Hall joined BIND Lab. Welcome aboard!

Welcome, Sean!

Sean Giza joined Wang Lab as a 2014 BioMaP REU student. The BioMaP program creates novel research experiences for undergrad students from around the country in the areas of biological materials and processes, often referred to as “BioMaP.” In this summer, Sean will design new nanoparticles to penetrate BBB for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Welcome, Sean!


Tong Shao joined BIND lab!

As a senior in Chemical Engineering, Tong Shao joined BIND lab to perform research on investigating transport of drug loaded nanoparticles across intestinal epithelium cells. She will continue her summer intern in BIND lab. Welcome!

Evan joined BIND lab!

As a chemical engineer, Evan Tentinger has enthusiasm in stem cells. He joins BIND lab to perform cutting edge research in the area of intestinal engineering. Welcome aboard!

Sonia joined BIND lab!

Chemical Engineering freshman, Sonia Valdez, joined Wang Lab through Honors Mentor Program. Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Eranda!

Eranda Sooriyarachchi just joined Wang Lab. He will perform his research work in the fall summer. Enjoy!

Janani, welcome!

Janani Ragothaman will start her research in Wang Lab during the summer. Welcome and enjoy!

Welcome to Hannah!

Hannah Vanevery joined Wang Lab. She will start her research in the following summer. Enjoy!

Welcome to Ali Imran!

Ali Imran joined Wang Lab. Just have fun!

Blake, welcome!

Blake Nichting joined the lab. You are welcome!